Monday, November 28, 2011

Brussel Sprouts

Death: Why aren't you eating it
Cake: Its the tip
Death: so....
Cake: Its hard
Death: The tips supposed to be hard

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

To: My BestFriend

when the roof feels like its fallen on our heads.
the walls are closing in.
our wallets are empty & the bank is draining out.
remember we'll make it through.
there is always room for change and embrace the positive.
when times feel like it couldn't get any worse
remember it can only get better.

i'm proud of you for working so hard at making your life the best it can be.
busting your ass with school and work so you can have a career.
life will always be throwing us curve balls
there will always be something broken that needs fixing.
but i promise we.ll i'll make time for each other and i'm determined to
get every bit of enjoyment & happiness out of life that we can grasp.

love you, sincerely yours ~CAKE

Thursday, August 12, 2010

did you just say that?

Daniel: my farts smell like brownies.
Death: you can fart in my face all day long.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Monopoly: Friend or foe

This is one vicious game. We are playing it on Xbox 360 against the computer, and lets just say it's good that the TV cant yell back. So far I've heard this is bull shit atleast 10 times in one turn from Cake, and Ive had to mortgage everything in order to pay 10mil. New versions got millions instead of hundreds..... Cake just said she fells like shes got a nut in her throat. I'm scared.

Seriously whats suck on my mortgage, and now she owes the computer 10.25M shes a goner. Shes a dope, shes buying property and turning around an mortgaging. Shes just playing monopoly and shes so hateful. I guess im not pulling out my other games that you go around and kill people. I dont know how but shes lasted a long time. This girls day has turned into a day of food and violence.
Ok so the conversation just went to WW2 balls.... no matter how old you are balls are just always ugly. Its like grandpas saying... " hey there sunny boy heres my WW2 balls, enjoy". Time to take a chance. Mr Monopoly gods have just graced us with 2M for passing go and not having us pay for houses.

Its funny how such a family oriented game can turn into something so violent. Accusing each other of stealing from the bank, cheating on paying the bank, and even for not taking a deal for a trade. Also why do people keep telling us that free parking is just somewhere in the board that you get to have no worries. Thats not the way we play it, and yes we checked the instructions, it says that for certain things instead of putting the money in the back you actually put it in the middle of the board and who ever lands on free parking gets the money in the middle.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The king of silent films

A day without laughter is a day wasted.
-Charlie Chaplin



Winter fun out on the Bluff's on the Pensacola Bay.
We watched some guys snow boarding down the sand hill it was pretty rad.
I watched everyone swing off the tree rope, looked like fun.
Another beautiful Florida day.

Moon Goddess

Its a beautiful full moon outside. The night is quiet, cool, crisp and full of possibilities. I'm in love with the sky, earth and everything it has to offer. The spring air is blowing something wonderful my way I'm clamming it for my own.


Breakfast Gone Wild

Dee- RIGHT - Nikita- LEFT



A battle of the minds. OK you have you use your brain so I'm not to good at it. You might not be able to tell from this goofy as picture. They where challenging each other i think. But April and AJ rocked it out. Watching these two is hilarious. He's so patient and thinks over every option. She is hurry hurry hurry up! But also skilled. It was fun to play an old 80's game. We love dipping into the past.



I can see the hand print. Don't ask, don't tell :)


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Got to Love Good Movies With Good Songs

This one if dedicated to you Bree. John Cusack is the man. We both know that we would collapse if he came up to us and just started talking to us and wanting to hang out.


Spring Is In The Air

Spring has graced us finally in the south. I was starting to wonder if the world was going insane, and if mother nature was taking a break. I mean seriously, since when does this area of Florida have snow days. It rained didn't even snow here and the University was closed for the day JUST IN CASE it actually had snow that stuck. Well mother nature decided to finally come out of hiding and to give us some sun and warmth. The birds where singing this morning, SO what do we decided to do on this beautiful day.... go to the National Seashore and play in the sun instead of studying, which was the main reason for us to come there.
We went down towards the water and found some up rooted stumps that had the sand washed away from over the years, due to hurricanes and tropical storms. I leaped onto the one closest to the water and right away fell off. Apparently I had not realized that the stump was horrible uneven. Bree quickly finds her own stump and jumps upon it and unlike my gracefulness, she stays up. At this point the image I see around me causes me to flash back to when I was a little girl and siting at home during the summer on the couch watching The Karate Kid and Mr Miyagi was teaching Daniel how to be graceful and steady, and I decided to try out my ninja skills.

As two peas in a pod me and my bestest Bree always build on to each others ideas. Its kinda scary the stuff that we come up with, BUT so interesting. Cause to the outside world we are just two normal looking girls that seem to have the right kind of mind. Although this is not true, when we are together we will find the most simple thing and turn it into a load of fun. For instance, a shadow. When most people see a shadow they dismiss it and move on with their day and don't take the time to really look at it and study the magnificent figure that follows them everywhere they go. Its not just a shadow to us but an extension of ourselves. A part of us that is trying to come out and join this magnificent world that we are a part of. To help the shadow with not felling so left out we often decide to interact with it. To play some kind of game. Almost like a shadow version of Simon says. Can the shadow hold the pose for longer than us, can we out smart the shadow by doing acrobats?
On the winner of this particular game of Shadow Simon, it can not be determined. The wind started to pick up as the sun starting to get tired. This gave the shadow a disadvantage as to the fact that it could not stay up much longer for the moon was coming out for the day, and us a disadvantage as to that we could not stand up very well on the stumps that were all lop sided and the wind was knocking us off. So we decided it was time to say good bye to our other halves and to head back to the big world outside of our free loving spirits worlds. But shadow's we will meet again and have a rematch. For now just fly, fly like and eagle.