Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Conversation Triggered by This Picture We Took

Cake: If we don't get into a wreck first.
Death: Then what, We die?
Cake: If we get into a wreck we're going to explode.
Death: We're going to explode?
Cake: Yes, the car, then us.
Death: Your an explosion.
Cake: Your going to explode in your pants. (laughing)
Death: No, its going to stay in my butt.
Cake: Ooohhhh!
Cake: (laughing)
Death: (laughing)
Cake: Damn that would have been funnier if i had said it to a guy.



The History of Cake or Death

This is were the love of Cake and Death came from. A few years ago I was introduced to the comedian Eddie Izzard. Now this was before he became really popular in the US for TV. This skit is from his tour Dressed to Kill just in case you want to look up more cause he is absolutely highlarious. Its not just the fact that he is funny, but also the fact that as an individual he is one of a kind, and this is just like the two of us. Never blending in with the crowd, one of a kind.


Peace and Love

This has got to be the best tire cover for the best kind of Jeep. Peace and Love to all my peoples. I know you will love it.


Hummus Causes Rivalry

BBC news has reported that hummus is causing rivalry between differnt countries in the Middle East. This year a Lebanese chef made 2 tons of the stuff, taking the world record, and has claimed that his culture/people invented Hummus.

To fight back at this claim a restaurant owner in the Israel Arab town of Abu Ghosh is planning on making 4 tons of the stuff. Ok I don't get why this is such a big deal as to were it was originated. You would think that all these countries would see that they have something in common and that at some point their ancestors lived peacefully and that they would try to revert back to the times of peace instead of attacking in the night.



Jared Leto Makes Her Heart Want to Explode

Happy Tuesday Grape, Nor cake Nor Death but Jared just for you. Thinking of you hope your having a great day. I Love you & Jared :)


Monday, November 23, 2009

Pin Up

Model: Rebekah Clark

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Friday, November 20, 2009

Kelly McKernan Atlanta, GA

I'm Feeling This


Fat Stealers

So apparently in Peru their are people going around killing people for their fat. On the black market you can get $15,000 for 2.2pounds. The leader of this gang has supposedly been in business for three decades. So if you take Me (April) for an example and remove all my fat which is an average of 10%-12% Bree could make $330,000. Ok now taking in that new idea, I went even father and search how much my body would be worth. It only cost's $1500. So the black market is the way to go.