Thursday, December 3, 2009

Boredum in Small City

Cake-What is there to do in this town.
Death- I don't know annoy people.
Cake- I want to be a mail order bride.
Death- What? How would you even do that.
Cake- Serious, when someone would want me I'd get someone that's got money, and get to travel.
Death- Ok so where would you do that?
Cake- I don't know, I'll probably have to move to Russia or something. I dont think they do that here.
Death- Ok then.

Conversation then moved to stalking someone's house with a camera on the base. Sounds like a smart idea right. Minus one thing its the US military and they don't play games. Although Ive also want to have terrorist on my resume.This means business. Oh and she ate all my Cheez-it.


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