Sunday, June 6, 2010

Monopoly: Friend or foe

This is one vicious game. We are playing it on Xbox 360 against the computer, and lets just say it's good that the TV cant yell back. So far I've heard this is bull shit atleast 10 times in one turn from Cake, and Ive had to mortgage everything in order to pay 10mil. New versions got millions instead of hundreds..... Cake just said she fells like shes got a nut in her throat. I'm scared.

Seriously whats suck on my mortgage, and now she owes the computer 10.25M shes a goner. Shes a dope, shes buying property and turning around an mortgaging. Shes just playing monopoly and shes so hateful. I guess im not pulling out my other games that you go around and kill people. I dont know how but shes lasted a long time. This girls day has turned into a day of food and violence.
Ok so the conversation just went to WW2 balls.... no matter how old you are balls are just always ugly. Its like grandpas saying... " hey there sunny boy heres my WW2 balls, enjoy". Time to take a chance. Mr Monopoly gods have just graced us with 2M for passing go and not having us pay for houses.

Its funny how such a family oriented game can turn into something so violent. Accusing each other of stealing from the bank, cheating on paying the bank, and even for not taking a deal for a trade. Also why do people keep telling us that free parking is just somewhere in the board that you get to have no worries. Thats not the way we play it, and yes we checked the instructions, it says that for certain things instead of putting the money in the back you actually put it in the middle of the board and who ever lands on free parking gets the money in the middle.

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